Where to Park

Would you like a dispassionate advice? Do not come to Rome with your car!

Rome has one of the highest car density in the world its historical center, world’s oldest and largest, was definitely not imagined for car owners!

True Romans are accustomed to traffic discomfort: traffic jams, endless queues on the Ring, scooters shaving car hoods in defiance of all road rules, the exhausting search for parking, are customary for them to live with or even joke with usual roman humor. But non-Roman could find it a near trauma!


Bed & Breakfast Roma Borgo91's central location allows easy access to all city areas by public transport, so our warm advice is to leave your car at home. But if you really cannot do without it, there are various parking opportunities in the surroundings. Below we list the main ones;


Street parking - WHITE Lines

Some roads in the district or its immediate neighborhood have parking spaces delimited by WHITE lines, where parking is free during weekdays, including Saturdays, for up to 3 hours displaying the parking disc.

Parking on white lines is always free on Sundays and from 20.00 to 08.00 on weekdays.

Street parking - BLUE Lines

Many roads in the immediate neighborhood have parking spaces delimited by BLUE lines, where the parking fare is € 1,00/hour between 8.00 and 20.00 or € 4,00/day on weekdays and Saturdays. Parking fares can be paid with coins at on-road parking meters or by pre-paid coupons bought at tobacconists.

Parking on blue lines is free on Sundays and from 20.00 to 08.00 on weekdays.


Garage Parking

In the Borgo area there are several garages for daytime hours and night shelter.

Roma Borgo91 has special price arrangements with the garage Autorimessa del Falco, just 100 m from the bed & breakfast.