Rome’s tour in a vintage car

Fiat Balilla Cabriolet

Have you ever dreamed of fiully immersing yourself in the Roman “Dolce Vita experience? Think how nice would be travelling back in time, and visit the most beautiful spots of the Eternal City aboard a wonderful, completely restored, vintage car.

All this is possible! Bruno, the owner of these splendid cars, will welcome you aboard a convertible Fiat Balilla bicolor or a sedan Lancia Aprilia Pininfarina, depending on your preference and/or the weather conditions, and accompany you on this very special tour to discover the best known and  spectacular monuments of Rome: Castel S. Angelo, St. Peter’s Basilica, Trevi fountain, Capitol hill, the Colosseum, the Mouth of Truth, Circus Maximus, …

The tour will catapult you back in time, to years when traveling by car meant savoring the atmosphere of a classy environment and experiencing sensations that modern cars are no longer able to convey.

Both cars date back to the early decades of the 1900s and are in prime mechanical and interior condition, after careful restorations carried out with extreme care and attention to details by the owner. As a great enthusiast, Bruno will tell you the history and secrets of these splendid “old ladies”!

The tour can accommodate up to three passengers, has an approximate duration of 3 hours, and the cost of € 340,00 includes the driver and fuel.

Any entrance tickets to monuments and attractions are not included.

Lancia Aprilia Pininfarina