Guided Tours

What kind of visit to the Eternal City do you have in mind? Looking for a relaxed pace with fewer attractions in more details, or would you rather see as many places as possible in the time available? Are you a museum enthusiast or do you prefer to walk through the small city streets?

Whatever your preference, visit Rome with a professional certified Guide! Our friend Manuele, unlike all the other services you may find on internet or in agencies, will organise your tour when it suits you best, and will accompain your group to discover the beauty of the Eternal City and fully enjoy your stay in Rome. Manuele will be entirely dedicated to you at a price you can’t find anywhere else!

For tours of Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica, Manuele will even come and pick you up directly at the Bed & Breakfast! 

The price per person of each Tour include, when needed, the skip-the line ticket to access the attractions.

NOTE: During peak seasons, guided tours to Colosseum, Roman Fora and Palatine and to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chappel are subject to availability of entrance slots to attractions. We recommend a very early booking!

Colosseum, Roman Fora & Palatine – 2,5 hrs

Let’s go back in time to Ancient Rome on this tour. Entering the Colosseum as did the ancient spectator and getting to the first tier, you will be stunned on seeing the amazing view of the Arena. After hearing some incredible stories regarding a typical day at the amphitheater and thrilling gladiators’ fights, we are off to see the Palatine Hill, where the imposing remains of the Imperial Palace can still be seen, and the Roman Forum, for us to see how Ancient Romans lived as we stroll down the Via Sacra, the Empire’s main street.

For a small extra, it is possible also to visit the underground section of the Colosseum, reopened recently.

NOTE: This guided tour is subject to availability of entrance slots. We recommend a very early booking!

Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel – 3 hrs

Here is where you discover the most important pieces of art worldwide, with its vast collection unfindable elsewhere. Renaissance masterpieces and stunning classical sculptures. The Sistine Chapel, breath-taking beauty, entirely decorated with spectacular Renaissance frescos, including the one and only, the Last Judgment by Michelangelo. A wonderful way to finish a wonderful tour!

NOTE: This guided tour is subject to availability of entrance slots. We recommend a very early booking!

St. Peter’s Basilica & Dome – 2,5 hrs

Exploring St Peter’s Basilica from top to bottom, inside out, is an adventure. We will begin with the Cupola, taking the lift to the base of the Dome. From here the views of the interior of the Basilica are spectacular. Then it is possible to reach the very top of the dome. Even if there are 320 steps to climb, it is well worth the utterly astonishing view you get of the Eternal City!Later we will move to the Basilica, to visit the largest church in the world and its masterpieces, the touching and sensitive “Pietà” by Michelangelo, the impressive Baldachin by Bernini and several more masterpieces of Renaissance and Baroque art.

Rome’s squares and fountains – 2,5 hrs

Our walking tour through Rome’s city center discovering the most famous squares and fountains, their architecture, the art and the Roman lifestyle, too.

We begin our pleasant stroll from Campo de’ Fiori, a very characteristic square, always full of people, market stands, and pubs. We proceed on and admire Farnese Palace, designed by Michelangelo and definitely the most beautiful Renaissance building in our city. Then, the true symbol of the Roman Baroque, Piazza Navona, with its breath-taking Fountain of Four Rivers by Bernini. A few steps away, the best preserved buildings of Ancient Rome, the Roman Pantheon. The striking beauty of this majestic “Temple to all Gods” (or Pantheon in Greek), will give you a clear idea of the skill and imagination of ancient Roman architects.
Crossing the old via del Corso, we will head towards Trevi Fountain, the monumental fountain made famous by innumerable movies. Art and architecture at its best!

Ghosts, mysteries and legends of Rome – 2 hrs

This night tour discovers the dark side of Rome’, its mysteries and its thousand legends. Wandering around alleys, streets and palace courts we will discover all about ghosts, brutal executions, murders and tortures.
The tour begins in Campo de’ Fiori, a lively square today that in the past was the site where heretics were once burnt on the stake. Then off to magnificent Ponte Sisto, one of the most beautiful bridges of Rome, but haunted by the ghost of a female Pope, said to have reigned in the 17th century. 
While strolling in Rome’s medieval streets, we will take a look at the very unusual façade of church fully decorated with skulls, home to monks of the sinister “Company of Death”. Just in time to reach Castel Sant’Angelo, the most infamous prison used for decades by the Inquisition, on whose bridge you will listen to the dramatic and touching tale of Beatrice Cenci, a young girl executed right there in the 16th century.

Archaeological park of Ostia Antica – 3 hrs

Undoubtedly one of the best preserved archaeological sites in the world, similar to Pompeii but much quiter: just you and the quiet silence of the ruins of a once flourishing port of the Roman Empire, later abandoned by its inhabitants. Just thirty minutes by train from Rome, Ostia will amaze you with its huge theater and the astonishingly preserved buildings, mosaics, shops, baths, temples, with an incredibly modern design.

The archaeological site is located a short distance from Rome FCO International Airport.